Karate Academy Student Creed

Karate Academy How to tie your Belt

Kamsah Appreciation Form White Belt

White Belt Combinations and Countkicks

Updated JayooGold

Gold Belt Combinations

High Gold Belt Combinations and Countkick

Chosang Ancestor's Orange Belt

Orange 12 Basic Stances and Count Kick

High Orange 12 Basic Positions and Count Kick

Hanguk Korea Green Belt

Greeen Belt Combinations and Countkicks

Jung yi Justice Purple Belt

Purple Belt Combinations and Count Kicks

Pyung wa Peace Blue Belt

Blue Belt Combinations and Count Kicks

Meegook America Red Belt

Red Belt Combinations and Count Kicks

Low Brown 6 Count Kick

Brown Belt Count Kick

Ninja White Belt

Ninja Hi-White Belt

Ninja Gold Belt

Ninja Orange Belt

Ninja Green Belt

Ninja Purple Belt

Ninja Blue Belt

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Bo Staff Form


Chasin Front



Might for Right-Exodus

Marriage of East and West Beethoven


Chon Ji
  1. Chasin (Confidence) view >
  2. Chon Ji view >
  3. Tan Gun view >
  4. To-San view >
  5. Won-Hyo-Coming Soon
  6. Yul-Guk view >
  7. Chung-Gun-Coming Soon
  8. Toi-Gye-Coming Soon
  9. Hwa-Rang-Coming Soon
  1. Chung-Mu-Coming Soon
  2. Kwang-Gae-Coming Soon
  3. Po-Eun-Coming Soon
  4. Gae-Bae-Coming Soon

    Musical Forms

  1. Jayoo-Coming Soon
  2. Chosang-Coming Soon
  3. Hangook-Coming Soon
  4. Meegook-Coming Soon
  5. Might for Right-Exodus view >
  6. Marriage of East and West Beethoven view >

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